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Video is one of the fastest growing and powerful ways to share information online about your services. It offers a large return-on-investment, but a small business marketing budget can make hiring a someone to produce web commercials very unlikely.

For that reason, many have chosen to produce their own videos, which isn’t necessarily a good thing. I’ve seen an endless amount of videos that would fall into the category of boring, lame and just plain awful to watch. Many are too dark to see, too noisy to listen to, too quiet to hear, too boring to watch, too visually unappealing. Unfortunately, a low-quality video often ends up doing more harm than good. It can leave a bad impression and hurt your brand. Would you post a blog filled with grammatical and spelling errors? Or have your teenage child write it for you? I’m guessing not. The same applies to video. If it looks amateurish, you send the message that you’re an amateur and all the fancy web marketing in the world isn’t going to help. Your website visitor will go find someone else can take seriously. That’s not good for business.

Using online video is a hot marketing strategy that helps you build a personalized, interactive, professional connection with your audience and potential clients. A well-produced web video adds depth and professionalism to your brand, but for many small business owners, investing in video may be out of the question… until now.

Desire to help small business owners

During my years of networking and getting to know other entrepreneurs, I felt inspired to find a way to help them benefit from video marketing, at a price they could afford. I researched possibilities and strategies and began acquiring assets that would help me reach this goal.

We’re very excited to introduce an affordable solution to help service-based small business owners leverage the power of online video marketing, with the launch of two low-priced, high-quality web commercial services.

Custom-Made web commercials

We offer custom-made professional quality web commercials by using a library of video assets such as: images, motion graphics, stock photos, stock video clips, royalty-free music and sound effects – eliminating expensive illustrator costs!

Three packages are available to suit any small business owner or entrepreneur’s budget.

All web commercials are unique and produced as an mp4 video file in HTML5 HD format, which can be played on any device – from desktop computers to tablets and phones.

Rent-A-Video for local small business owners

Our pre-made Rent-a-Video web commercials help small business owners in the Hamilton area promote their services online. With a one-time set-up fee for branding (i.e. adding contact information and business logo, etc), local business owners can promote their services through video marketing at an affordable monthly rental. Business owners will be given an embed code to add the video to a web page. A rental can be cancelled at any time, or switched to another video that becomes available.

Our library will include pre-made professional-looking web commercials for a variety of popular service niches, such as: real estate, financial services, web-based services and home-related services, just to name a few. New videos will be added on a regular basis in many styles including: whiteboard, typography, photo-motion, animation and explainer.  A minimal number of videos will be available in each niche and will only be available to one local business to rent.

For $1.25 per day, how can you go wrong?

Visit our service page and browse our library. If you see a video you like – contact us to claim it!

Don’t see your service category yet? We will be adding videos on a regular basis. Sign up in the sidebar to join our list for updates and notices as soon as new videos become available!

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Our Services

Rent-a-Video Web Commercials

How does $1.25 per day sound? Renting a pre-made web commercial is the perfect solution for small business owners in the Hamilton, ON area.

Custom-made web commercials

Our custom-made web commercials are affordable, because we use royalty-free images, stock video clips and motions graphics, eliminating expensive illustrator costs.

Screencast & PowerPoint videos

Looking for screencasts and PowerPoint videos? Visit our Screencast Solutions website for more information on our how-to, e-learning and presentation video services.

Video Intros & Outros

Sometimes, a quick and simple logo intro is the best answer for branding your training videos, blog series or  marketing videos. Check out our professional animated logo intros and outros.