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    Are you a small business owner who’d like to use video to market your services online?

    Are you frustrated with trying to make your own professional-looking videos?

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    Getting a professional-looking video made can be expensive… but not anymore!  We’ve come up with the perfect solution for you!

    We’re excited to offer small business owners like you, an affordable way to promote your services with a professional-looking web commercial – so you can start generating more visitors to your website, more leads, more clients and more profits.


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    Our Services

    Rent-a-Video Web Commercials

    How does $1.25 per day sound? Renting a pre-made web commercial is the perfect solution for small business owners in the Hamilton, ON area.

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    Custom-made web commercials

    Our custom-made web commercials are affordable, because we use royalty-free images, stock video clips and motions graphics, eliminating expensive ill

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    Screencast & PowerPoint videos

    Looking for screencasts and PowerPoint videos? Visit our Screencast Solutions website for more information on our how-to, e-learning and presentation

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    Video Intros & Outros

    Sometimes, a quick and simple logo intro is the best answer for branding your training videos, blog series or  marketing videos. Check out our profes

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