Video Intros & Outros

    When it comes to branding your online marketing or training video series, you don’t have to come on strong to announce your brand identity in every single video, Sometimes, a quick and simple animated logo intro that identifies you, without going over the top, is the best answer.

    These can be used for intros or outros.

    Click on the thumbnails below to view the logo clips.

    1 - Space Logo
    2 - Light Blue Space
    3 - Dramatic Space
    4 - Animated Logo
    5 – Badge
    6 - Spiral Burst
    7 - Blue Light
    8 - Computer Monitor
    9 – Textured
    10 - Blue Star






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    What's Included?

    Your logo will be inserted

    Text colour will be changed to match your logo

    You will receive an MP4 HD video

    Video side: 1280 x 720

    Royalty-free music clip is also included

    What will we need from you?

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